painting the Old Pueblo and Beyond...
painting the Old Pueblo and Beyond…

Philabaum Professional Painting is Southern Arizona’s premier Residential and Commercial repaint expert, bringing Journeyman level craftsmanship, integrity and value to all our customers.

Ralph Philabaum has over 25 years of experience in the Paint and Wallcovering Industry and is devoted to helping you beautify your home or business as he would his own. Ralph will help you protect your investment by understanding potential problems and their solutions. This will allow us to produce results that exceed your expectations.

The Southwest’s climate can be taxing on the protective elements of a building and can create a unique set of needs that can hinder or harm a typical paint job. Efflorescence, water penetration, chalking, peeling, bubbling, blistering and parapet breakdown are common. Each has it’s own remedy for restoration.

Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience, exemplary service and tremendous value for our clients. Each estimate opportunity comes with years of knowledge and training. Each job is evaluated on many levels, from diagnosis of necessary prep techniques, qualifying proper conditioning agents and appropriate coatings to application and even, client and painter safety.

We also bring an extensive knowledge of LEED certified, Low VOC, Zero VOC and Green products.

Color Consultation and assistance is also available.

painting The Old Pueblo and beyond…