Ralph and I believe this is a big deal, especially in a business like this, where the competition is great and the truth, sometimes, gets muddled

First, I would like to begin by saying we have built this website, using WordPress and hosting via Go I knew nothing of coding or google ranking or SEO's and I have taught myself as I go along. Always having  been that "I can do THAT, how hard can it be?", girl, I naturally jumped in with both feet. It has definitely been a "sink or swim" experience, with a lot of sinking going on, mixed with random fits of cursing and many threats upon the life of my iMac.

But here is point of this little story :

We did not hire a company to build our site and, besides the fees for operating a website, we do not pay a webmaster hundreds or even thousands every month. We save this overhead, and direct it back to the company.

Since we have no webmaster, we are also in complete control of the website. Everything you read is written by us, unless it is a quote and then I will credit the author.  Every picture you see is one of ours, taken by myself or Ralph. We do not use stock pictures for the site or the gallery. If we say we painted a home in a picture, then we painted it. If you see a human being on our page, it's one of us or someone we know. We don't use pictures of random cute couples from an online sources or pictures of houses that are apparently in Maine or Iowa or someplace not in Southern Arizona.  And the vehicles we show on our site are the ones we drive, not a stock photo of a new truck with our logo superimposed over it.

But most importantly, in regards to the website and any of our social media, all the reviews or testimonials are written by real clients about real jobs. We do not ask friends and family to write bogus reviews and give us 5 stars, nor do we have a webmaster who posts fabricated reviews and ratings in an effort to push his clients google rating upward.  These things are happening out there and companies like google, bing and are seeing the phenomena and are dinging or even blacklisting sites with fabricated reviews from business owners or their employees or some other than honest method. It's a little like stuffing the ballot box and a lot like a violation of truth in advertising laws.  I am not the expert so here's a link with a little information- Linkedin on Companies behaving badly.


Guarantees, warranties and other niceties...

Guarantees, warranties and other niceties... 

Many or most Painting Contractors will offer some sort of warranty on their services. Some may not put it in writing. However, The Arizona Registrar of Contractors requires all contractors, licensed or unlicensed, to guarantee the work they have performed for 2 years. So written or not, you know that you have 24 months of warranty, with every contract you sign. 

Depending on the project, we provide warranties up to 7 years on labor, workmanship and product. Ask us about the warranty that applies to your project or check your proposal, as we always include that information one the original, formal, proposal. Every. Time. 

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors also asks that we include their contact information. Use this link to verify a contractors license, his or her insurance and bonding status and to access useful consumer information.  

For your perusal: The Arizona Registrar of Contractors 

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