Oliver Residence

Beautiful home off Catalina Highway in Tucson, AZ, Philabaum Professional Painting

Oliver Residence, following stucco repair, extensive wood restoration and full exterior repaint, including the perimeter walls and all gates.

Along with intense weather damage to the fascia and decorative wood, stucco cracking, parapet damage, the owners were also unhappy with the old pink and burgundy color scheme and wanted some “Old World meets Tucson Charm”. The new look is just that! After a complete pressure wash, the stucco at parapets was repaired, much of the fascia was restored with an elastomeric coating, all stucco cracks were filled the appropriate caulking to eliminate any chance of “snail trails” up the walls. The entire home and wall was sprayed with a surface conditioner to tie down the remaining chalk on the walls and to prevent possible paint failure, then two full coats of Evershield 20 from Dunn Edwards Ultra Premium line, https://www.dunnedwards.com/products/exterior-paints-and-primers/finishes . The owners chose the color “Oak Harbor” for the body, https://www.dunnedwards.com/colors/browser/de6179 and Espresso Machiato for the fascia, eaves and trim, https://www.dunnedwards.com/colors/browser/det680.

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